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Lexcom UN2601

Lexcom UN2601
  • Lexcom UN2601
  • Lexcom UN2601
  • Lexcom UN2601
  • Lexcom UN2601
VIA V4 Eden 500 MHz CPU

3V700D-CR50E, C7 EDEN 500 MHz, 3 x 10/100 Realtek, 2USB, SODIMM socket, 1 x COM, no VGA, CF


  • Standard Spec.
    CPU type
    VIA Eden(V4) 500Mhz
    Front Side Bus
    400 / 533 MHz
    MB Chipset
    VIA CN700 + VIA VT8237R Plus
    Integrated with VIA CN700
    Shared system memory up to 64MB
    MPEG-2 hardware VLD
    Resolution up to 1600x1200
    1x DDR II SDRAM 533/400 (max. 1GB)
    Support Compact Flash card type II for ATA interface
    3x Realtek RLT 8100C 10/100 Mbps
    IO function
    1x RS232
    4 x USB 2.0 (2 external + 2 internal)
    One channel connector
    SATA drive transfer rate is capable of up to 150MB/s
    Expansion interface
    1x PCIe Mini Card socket for USB device only
    On board DC +12V convert to +3.3V/+12V/+5V for system
    145 x 102 mm (3.5 inch) (MB)
    42H x 180W x 125D mm(Chassis)
    Operating Temperature
    0~55°C (with CF card) / 0~40°C (with HDD)
    Please upgrade the hard drive to industrial grade for better temperature performance
    Operating Humidity
    5~95%, non-condensing
    Optional Choice
    3G / Wi-Fi / GPS / DC +6~+36V
    (The above available functions outline the possibility with system, for more information please contact us.)